Watching the London Paralympics I was amazed at what people with limited ability can achieve if they set their mind to it. I was especially amazed at how blind soccer players were able to kick, dribble and score a goal on a pitch with a ball they cannot see.

I was stunned to learn that some of these players were born blind and have never even witnessed a live soccer game or seen a ball or soccer pitch. Some of the players got into soccer because of the hype they experienced while amongst people who were watching the game. They had no other reference to the game other than the excitement they experienced when they were around it. Although they couldn’t see, they had a vision of something that excited them and they wanted to be part of it and pursued it. This proves the statement that; “Vision is not a function of the eye but a function of the heart.”

I’m sure we all have valid reasons as to why parts of our lives are unfulfilled. I’m sure we have all been disappointed, done in, betrayed, lied to, judged, criticised, abandoned, abused, mislead, disillusioned, afraid – the list goes on and on. These things are a given. Disappointment will at some stage knock at your door. You might not like it but that’s the reality. The key is not to measure or live your life by what happens to you, you need to live your life by what you make happen. It starts by having a vision.

If you’ve never written your vision down chances are you’ll land up where life’s circumstances take you. That’s not God’s plan for your life. God has a great plan for you. The bible says write down the vision and make it plain… (Habakkuk 2:2). God has placed certain desires in your heart. Some are scary but they’re all very exciting. What is that burning desire in your heart? Write it down. God’s placed it there as clue to your destiny. Until you don’t write it down you won’t commit to it. Writing down your vision will be the start of the most exciting time of your life. It’s all good and well to have a vision, but writing something down is no guarantee that they’ll jump off the page and into life. You have to do something. You need to speak the vision, you need to believe what you have written and confidently declare it into being. What are the words you’re speaking? Are they words of death or are they words of life that are in line with where you’re going. The more you speak your vision the more it will become a reality. The bible says faith comes by hearing… You need to speak it loud!

The awesome thing about writing down a vision and speaking it is that you will start attracting things to you that will help you fulfil your vision. The key is to identify these things and incorporate them into a plan that will see you complete the bigger picture. No building or structure can be built without a plan. You need something to go by. Take time to plan your vision, think it through and make provision for it. If your vision scares you – GREAT! It means God is in it. Remember God doesn’t give you a vision according to your ability; He gives you a vision according to His ability in you! If your vision can be accomplished by your ability it’s too small. A vision from God will require faith not just ability.

Your vision is your future. You have an awesome future ahead of you, so take the time to write your vision, speak it loud, plan it out and do it to the best of your ability!

Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it. Habakkuk 2:2

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